Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS

Research and consulting company

  • VBPR founded in 1999, and based in Oslo, Norway
  • Close collaboration with largest MC Seismic provider TGS
  • Cooperate with leading service companies and academic institutions worldwide.
  • Multi-Client projects sold to more than 40 oil companies
  • Co-owner of extensive Multi-Client P-Cable database in the Barents and Norwegian seas


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  • Integrated seismic, gravity, and magnetic (SGM) interpretation
  • Seafloor sampling
  • Seismic volcano stratigraphy
  • Petroleum implications of sill intrusions
  • Focus along the margins of the north Atlantic and Arctic oceans
  • Work also encompasses volcanic basins world-wide, e.g. South Africa, India, Australia, Siberia, Argentina and Brazil. 

Latest products

East Greenland Sampling - 2018 Merge

Revised seep analysis report for all sampling locations targeting key structures and potential hydrocarbon seeps over the NE Greenland shelf:

Vøring Sampling

Seeped thermogenic hydrocarbons provide evidence for a working petroleum system along the outer Vøring Basin Margin. "Hot areas" identified within Fenris Graben.

Barents Sea Sampling 2014 Reprocessed

Calibration of database acquired in 2014 (BSS14) and development of workflow for improved identification of hydrocarbon phase and ranking of exploration targets in undrilled areas.

Barents Sea Interpretation Report

Multi-disciplinary integrated study of the Hoop and Bjarmeland Platform areas aimed at improving exploration success by utilizing high-resolution P-Cable data.

VMAPP (Volcanic Margin Petroleum Prospectivity)

New understanding and training on volcanic margin deposits and processes for higher exploration success in frontier basins.

Recent Publications

Integrated volcanic borehole analyses at Krafla ....     30 Mar 2018, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research          Millet et al
Shear margin moraine, mass transport deposits  ....   28 Mar 2018, Lyell Collection                                                                 Bellwald and Planke
Ice-stream dynamics of the SW Barents Sea  ....          7 Mar 2018, Marine Geology                                                                Bellwald et al
Seismic imaging in the Krafla high-temperature ....     21 Feb 2018,  Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research         Kästner et al
Nyegga gas hydrate modelling  ....                              12 Feb 2018, Nature Communications                                                   Karstens et al

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