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Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS (VBPR) is a research and consulting company based in Oslo, Norway. We have since the start in 1999 specialized in multi-client projects in collaboration with leading service companies and academic institutions.

VBPR led the development of the P-Cable high-resolution 3D seismic technology since 2001, and co-founded the P-Cable 3D Seismic AS (P3S) company in 2008. P3S was sold to the Houston-based company NCS Subsea in July 2016. VBPR is the co-owner of an extensive multi-client P-Cable data base in the Barents and Norwegian seas, and will continue working with P-Cable data to develope multi-client surveys world-wide.

VBPR also work on integrated geological and geophysical interpretation projects and seafloor sampling studies in volcanic basins and margins around the world. Project results are presented in multi-client reports that are offered to the oil and gas industry for identifying petroleum prospects and reducing exploration risks. See Products for more information.

VBPR's main target areas are along the margins of the north Atlantic and Arctic oceans, in particular the Møre and Vøring basins, Barents Sea, East Greenland, Jan Mayen Ridge, and West Greenland. Our work also encompasses volcanic basins world-wide, e.g. South Africa, India, Australia, Siberia, Argentina and Brazil.

See Publications for a comprehensive listing of results.


  • Integrated seismic, gravity, and magnetic (SGM) interpretation
  • Seafloor sampling
  • Seismic volcano stratigraphy
  • Petroleum implications of sill intrusions
  • Main target areas along the margins of the north Atlantic and Arctic oceans, 
  • Work also encompasses volcanic basins world-wide, e.g. South Africa, India, Australia, Siberia, Argentina and Brazil.


Oslo Science Park
Gaustadalléen 21
N-0349 OSLO

Phone:      (+47) 2108 0750
E-mail:     vbpr@vbpr.no
Web:        www.vbpr.no


We are located in Forskningsparken/
Oslo Science Park.
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VBPR offers consulting services to the petroleum industry. Priority is given to companies participating in our multi-client projects.

Sverre Planke

CEO / Daglig Leder
Mob.: (+47) 9575 6097
E-mail: planke@vbpr.no

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Ellen Eckhoff Planke

Geologist | Chairman
Mob.: (+47) 9087 5014
E-mail: ellen@vbpr.no

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John Millett

Senior Geologist / Director VBPR UK Ltd.
Mob: (+44) 7817 80 2960
E-mail: john.millett@vbpr.no

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Magnar Ullnæss

Chief Marketing Officer
Mob: (+47) 9527 6914
E-mail: magnar@vbpr.no

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Stephane Polteau

Senior Geologist
Mob: (+47) 9867 9207
E-mail: stephane@vbpr.no

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Dwarika Maharjan

Mob: (+47) 4630 1044
E-mail: dwarica@vbpr.no

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Romain Corseri

Senior Geophysicist
Mob: (+47) 9748 7906
E-mail: romain@vbpr.no

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Nina Lebedeva-Ivanova

Senior Geophysicist
Mob: (+47) 4007 2033
E-mail: nina@vbpr.no

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Ben Manton

Senior Geophysicist
Mob: (+44) 7772 28 2450
E-mail: ben@vbpr.no 

Benjamin Bellwald

Mob: (+47) 4824 9529
E-mail: benjamin@vbpr.no 

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Dmitry Zastrozhnov

PhD Researcher
Mob: (+47) 9399 0713
E-mail: dmitry@vbpr.no