Senior Geologist
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CV - Mohamed Mansour ABDELMALAK

Publication List

Earth Science PhD with a broad background in structural geology, tectonic, sedimentology, seismic interpretation, and cartography. Author of several scientific papers and international presentations on the mapping/determination of tectonic and structural evolution of volcanic margins, thermal evolution, characterization of sedimentary basin, and experimental modeling. My experience includes a multidisciplinary approach to study the North Atlantic rifted margins using a range of techniques going from the intrusion scale to basin/crustal scale such as seismic interpretation, ArcGIS mapping, structural geology, tectonics, basin analysis, and petroleum geology.


Born 1982. French/Tunisian citizen.


2017- present- Geologist at Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS (VBPR)

2016-2017- Research Associate at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED) Centre of Excellence, Oslo, Norway

2012-2016- Post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED) Centre of Excellence, Oslo, Norway working on the OMNIS Project: Offshore Mid-Norway: Integrated Margin and Basin Studies

2009-2011- Assistant Researcher and Teacher in Geodynamic Laboratory UMR-CNRS 6112, Le Mans University (France)


2006 – 2010- Le Mans University, PhD in tectonic/structural analysis, Spatio-temporal transition between a sedimentary basin to a volcanic passive margin: the Baffin Bay case example, Central West Greenland

2005 – 2006- University of Rennes 1, France, MSc in Geology and Geophysics


Integrated North Atlantic 2017 (INA17)