Meetings – Conferences

EGUVienna2018-04-086S. PlankePoster on Siberia1
EGUVienna2018-04-086D. ZastrozhnovPoster 2
AAPGLisbon2018-05-022J. MilletPaleogene Møre (talk)3
Recent DicoveriesOslo2018-05-232S. PlankeINA17 (talk)4
EAGECopenhagen2018-05-114B. BellwaldDetailed structure of buried glacial landforms revealed by high-resolution 3D seismic data in the SW Barents Sea (talk)5
EAGECopenhagen2018-05-114B. MantonPre-Cretaceous prospectivity of the outer Møre and Vøring basins constrained by new 3D seismic data (poster)6
Brazilian Petroleum ConferenceRio2018-06-193S. PlankePetroleum implications of magmatism in evaporite and carbonate basins (talk)7
Brazilian Geological CongressRio2018-08-205S. Planke
Seismic imaging and interpretation of hydrocarbon bearing volcanic basins8
Brazilian Geological CongressRio2018-08-205D. JarramEvaluating petrophysical properties of volcano-sedimentary sequences: A case study in the Parana-Etendeka large igneous province9
EAGE - Near SurfacePorto2018-09-095S. PolteauHigh-Resolution 3D Site Characterization10
FORCE - Underexplored PlaysStavanger2018-10-312R. CorseriCassini and Mjølnir (proposal)11
IAPG - 10th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development CongressMendoza2018-11-055S. Planke12
EAGE Fifth CO2 Geological Storage WorshopUtrecht2018-11-213B. BellwaldMonitoring of CO2 Leakage Using High-Resolution 3D Seismic Data - Examples from Snøhvit, Vestnesa Ridge and the Western Barents Sea13
PETEXLondon2018-11-273J. MilletProspectivity of the outer mid-Norwegian Volcanic Rifted Margin Constrained by new 3D Seismic Data and Links to the Faroe-Shetland Basin (Talk 27 Nov 2018 16.00 Main Auditorium)14
VinterkonferansenBergen2019-01-073Abstracts deadline Oct 1415
EGUVienna2019-04-076Abstracts deadline Jan 1016
EAGELondon2019-06-034Abstracts deadline Jan 1517
LASI 6 - Neuqúen BasinMalargue2019-11-255S. Planke18