Meetings – Conferences

EGUVienna2018-04-086S. PlankePoster on Siberia1
EGUVienna2018-04-086D. ZastrozhnovPoster 2
AAPGLisbon2018-05-022J. MilletPaleogene Møre (talk)3
Recent DicoveriesOslo2018-05-232S. PlankeINA17 (talk)4
EAGECopenhagen2018-05-114B. BellwaldDetailed structure of buried glacial landforms revealed by high-resolution 3D seismic data in the SW Barents Sea (talk)5
EAGECopenhagen2018-05-114B. MantonPre-Cretaceous prospectivity of the outer Møre and Vøring basins constrained by new 3D seismic data (poster)6
Brazilian Petroleum ConferenceRio2018-06-193S. PlankePetroleum implications of magmatism in evaporite and carbonate basins (talk)7
Brazilian Geological CongressRio2018-08-205S. Planke
Seismic imaging and interpretation of hydrocarbon bearing volcanic basins8
Brazilian Geological CongressRio2018-08-205D. JarramEvaluating petrophysical properties of volcano-sedimentary sequences: A case study in the Parana-Etendeka large igneous province9
EAGE - Near SurfacePorto2018-09-095S. PolteauHigh-Resolution 3D Site Characterization10
FORCE - Underexplored PlaysStavanger2018-10-312R. CorseriCassini and Mjølnir (proposal)11
IAPG - 10th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development CongressMendoza2018-11-055S. PlankeSeismic imaging and petroleum implications of igneous intrusions in sedimentary basins constrained by outcrop analogues and seismic data from the Neuquen Basin and the NE Atlantic.12
EAGE Fifth CO2 Geological Storage WorshopUtrecht2018-11-213B. BellwaldMonitoring of CO2 Leakage Using High-Resolution 3D Seismic Data - Examples from Snøhvit, Vestnesa Ridge and the Western Barents Sea13
PETEXLondon2018-11-273J. MilletProspectivity of the outer mid-Norwegian Volcanic Rifted Margin Constrained by new 3D Seismic Data and Links to the Faroe-Shetland Basin (Talk 27 Nov 2018 16.00 Main Auditorium)14
VinterkonferansenBergen2019-01-073Abstracts deadline Oct 1415
EGUVienna2019-04-076Abstracts deadline Jan 1016
EAGELondon2019-06-034Abstracts deadline Jan 1517
LASI 6 - Neuqúen BasinMalargue2019-11-255S. Planke18

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