Recent Publications

Holocene Mass Movements in West and Mid-Norwegian Fjords and Lakes2019.01.01Marine Geology Bellwald, B.
NE Atlantic continental slope stability from a numerical modeling perspective2019.01.01Quaternary Science ReviewsBellwald, B.
Monitoring of CO2 leakage using high-resolution 3D seismic data – Examples from Snøhvit, Vestnesa Ridge and the Western Barents Sea. 5th CO2 Geological Storage Workshop2018.11.21EAGE Extended Abstracts 2018Bellwald, B.
Toward one-meter resolution in 3D seismic. 2018.11.01The Leading EdgeLebedeva-Ivanova, N.
High-resolution 3D seismic exhibits new insights into the middle-late Pleistocene stratigraphic evolution and sedimentary processes of the Bear Island trough mouth fan2018.11.01Marine GeologyWaage, M.
Repeatability of high-resolution 3D seismic data2018.10.31SEG GeophysicsWaage, M.
Sills and gas generation in the Siberian Traps2018.09.03The Royal SocietySvensen, H.H.
A diverted submarine channel of Early Cretaceous age revealed by high-resolution seismic data, SW Barents Sea2018.09.01Marine and Petroleum GeologyCorseri, R.
Breakup volcanism and plate tectonics in the NW Atlantic2018.08.31TectonophysicsAbdelmalak, M.
High-resolution 3D seismic study of pockmarks and shallow fluid flow systems at the Snøhvit hydrocarbon field in the SW Barents Sea2018.06.21Marine GeologyTasianas, A.
Chapter 5 - Storage and Transport of Magma in the Layered Crust—Formation of Sills and Related Flat-Lying Intrusions2018.05.18Volcanic and Igneous Plumbing SystemsGalland, O.
The pre-breakup stratigraphy and petroleum system of the Southern Jan Mayen Ridge revealed by seafloor sampling2018.04.30TectonophysicsPolteau, S.
Investigations on the use of triaromatic dimethylcholesteroids as age-specific biomarkers in bitumens and oils from Arctic Norway2018.04.25Organic GeochemistryLerch, B.
Sub-surface geology and velocity structure of the Krafla high temperature geothermal field, Iceland: Integrated ditch cuttings, wireline and zero offset vertical seismic profile analysis2018.03.30Journal of Volc. and Geoth. ResearchMillet, J.M.
Shear margin moraine, mass transport deposits and soft beds revealed by high-resolution P-Cable three-dimensional seismic data in the Hoop area, Barents Sea2018.03.28Geological Society of LondonBellwald, B.
Ice-stream dynamics of the SW Barents Sea revealed by high-resolution 3D seismic imaging of glacial deposits in the Hoop area2018.03.07Marine GeologyBellwald, B.
Seismic imaging in the Krafla high-temperature geothermal field, NE Iceland, using zero- and far-offset vertical seismic profiling (VSP) data2018.02.21Journal of Volc. and Geoth. ResearchKästner, F.
Glacigenic sedimentation pulses triggered post-glacial gas hydrate dissociation2018.02.12Nature Comm.Karstens, J.
Cretaceous‐Paleocene Evolution and Crustal Structure of the Northern Vøring Margin (Offshore Mid‐Norway): Results from Integrated Geological and Geophysical Study2018.01.15TectonicsZastrozhnov, D.

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