Geophysical Atlas of the East Greenland Basins

Compiled and edited by Mikal Trulsvik, Sverre Planke, Stephane Polteau and Reidun Myklebust.

The Atlas is a comprehensive interpretation project based on the integrated seismic, gravity and magnetic (SGM) interpretation method. Focus is on the northeast Greenland margin and the 2012/2013 licensing round areas. The Atlas is a complete revision of the 2007-edition, and all available TGS seismic (NEG08/09 and reprocessed AWI 99/02/03) and airborne magnetic (NEGAM07/08) and gravity data (NEGAG07/08, NEG/AWI line data) were used to evaluate the structure and development of the NE Greenland margin.


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  • Onshore geology compiled and edited by GEUS
  • Map interpretations based on bathymetry, airborne magnetic and gravity surveys, and complex anomaly analyses
  • Magnetic and gravity anomaly interpretations
  • Nomenclature map for the whole East Greenland margin
  • Euler 3D depths to magnetic sources
  • Seismic interpretations supported by airborne magnetic and gravity line data
  • 11 gravity/magnetic modeling transects across key anomalies
  • Basin modeling and assessment of hydrocarbon maturation potential across Danmarkshavn and Thetis basins using TecMod2D
  • Plate tectonic reconstruction and conjugate margin interpretation
  • Continent-ocean transition evaluation
  • Volcanic complex and sill intrusions
  • Petroleum implications of sill intrusions

SGM work from this report is integrated in the "North Atlantic Margin Sampling 2018" project (NAMS18) currently in progress.


Map highlighting the area covered in the Atlas.

Geoseismic section NE Greenland



  • Executive Summary
  • Geological Framework
  • Greenland Maps
  • Northeast Atlantic

Northern East Greenland

  • Regional Maps
  • Thetis and Trolle Land Margins
  • Liverpool Land and Foster Margins

Southeast Greenland



Grav-Mag anomalies