North Atlantic Margin Sampling 2018

Edited by Stéphane Polteau, Sverre Planke, and Reidun Myklebust

NAMS18 Sampling sites (red dots)
TGS 3D/2D data (yellow), NPD Licenses (blue)
©VBPR-model (G-Plates)

Synthesis report presenting our conjugate margin approach for exploring the outer mid-Norway and SW Barents Sea margins by integrating seafloor sampling results, geology, and plate reconstructions models to understand the hydrocarbon prospectivity of these frontier areas.

Aims of NAMS18

Merged sampling results from seven surveys (2000 - 2016) into one integrated report
-  Mid-Norway: VTMS00, VS16
-  Greenland:   ABS12, EGS11, EGS12, EGS16
-  Jan Mayen:  JMRS11

Results are presented in a NE Atlantic conjugate margin setting, based on interpretation of all available seismic, gravity, and magnetic data (Ref. Geophysical Atlases)


Organized data in reconstructed ArcGIS project at breakup

  • Results plotted on 55 Ma plate tectonic reconstruction
  • Evaluation of results with corresponding conjugate margins
  • Easy import of proprietary data into reconstructed ArcGIS project

Data in normal ArcGIS project (present-day continent configuration)

Merge report (NAMS18) based on conjugate margin geology and structures

  • Implications on prospectivity of conjugate margins
  • 7 chapters with highlights of each individual survey

Digital data on disk

  • ArcGIS projects (reconstructed and current-day plate configurations)
  • Individual cruise reports with appendices
  • Geophysical data
  • Geochemical data and original lab reports

Final report available Q1-2019