North Atlantic Margin Sampling 2018

Edited by Stéphane Polteau, Sverre Planke, and Reidun Myklebust

Offer improved understanding of stratigraphy and petroleum prospectivity of the basins and basin margins offshore Mid-Norway and East Greenland.

Aims of NAMS18

Merged sampling results from seven surveys (2000 - 2016) into one integrated report
-  Mid-Norway: VTMS00, VS16
-  Greenland:   ABS12, EGS11, EGS12, EGS16
-  Jan Mayen:  JMRS11

Results are presented in a NE Atlantic conjugate margin setting, based on interpretation of all available seismic, gravity, and magnetic data (Ref. Geophysical Atlases)


Organized data in reconstructed ArcGIS project at breakup
-  Results plotted on 55 Ma plate tectonic reconstruction
-  Allow direct evaluation of results with corresponding conjugate margins
-  Easy import of proprietary data into reconstructed ArcGIS project

Data in normal ArcGIS project (present-day continent configuration)

Merge report (NAMS18) based on conjugate margin geology and structures
-  Integration chapter with implications on prospectivity of conjugate margins
-  7 chapters with highlights of each individual surveys

Deliverables by end of 2018

Digital data on disk
-  ArcGIS projects (reconstructed and current-day plate configurations)
-  Individual cruise reports with appendices
-  Geophysical data
-  Geochemical data and original lab reports