VMAPP | Volcanic Margin Petroleum Prospectivity

Edited by Sverre Planke, Dougal Jerram and John Millett.

Multi-client project (2013-2016) providing a package of ten core and research modules. Optional regional modules, thematic field trips and consulting were also offered as additional sub-projects. 

Companies now joining as Late Participants will get 2,5 days introduction course and 1/2 day consultancy inclusive.

Project aim:  New understanding and training on volcanic margin deposits and processes for higher exploration success in frontier basins.

Audience:  Petroleum companies exploring rifted margins and volcanic basins with targeted information for explorers, seismic processors, petrophysicists, basin modelers and drilling engineers.

Project groupVBPR, DougalEARTH and TGS with long and complimentary experience in petroleum exploration of volcanic margins and volcanic basins world-wide.



With the great success of VMAPP we are now launching VMAPP2  (2018-2021) to expand with five additional Research Modules and new Basin Modules (EP feedback driven).

Early Participating (EP) companies will have the opportunity to help guide the project focus and deliverables.

Please contact us to schedule an introduction presentation in your office.




CM1 | Volcanic Systems and Deposits

CM2 | Petrophysical Properties and Drilling

CM3 | Sub- and Intra-Basalt Seismic Imaging

CM4 | Seismic Interpretation of Igneous Units

CM5 | Volcanic Basin Petroleum System



RM1 | The basalt - sediment transition

RM2 | Reservoir and seal characteristics

RM3 | Maturation and migration

RM4 | Rift to drift transition

RM5 | Evaporites, carbonates and volcanics