Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS

Research and consulting company

  • VBPR founded in 1999, and based in Oslo, Norway
  • Close collaboration with largest MC Seismic provider TGS
  • Cooperate with leading service companies and academic institutions worldwide.
  • Multi-Client projects sold to more than 40 oil companies
  • Co-owner of extensive Multi-Client P-Cable database in the Barents and Norwegian seas


  • Integrated seismic, gravity, and magnetic (SGM) interpretation
  • Seafloor sampling to identify and characterize petroleum systems
  • Seismic volcano stratigraphy and petroleum implications
  • In-depth studies of the margins along the north Atlantic and Arctic oceans, and extensive field work in volcanic basins world-wide, e.g. South Africa, India, Australia, Siberia, Argentina and Brazil

New insight is based on both VBPR (VTMS00) and NPD (2013-B) sampling.

We propose that during the Late Cretaceous-late Paleocene the proto-Vøring Transform Margin acted as an effective pathway to transport sediments from the emerged areas in the NE Greenland and Jan Mayen Ridge into the outer and distal Møre and Vøring basins as turbidite sequences.

Our results provide a stratigraphic basis for future IODP drilling campaign in 2021, where the Mímir High is one of the key targets to drill.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology aims to be part of the solution for a transition from an energy system based on fossil fuels to a more renewable and sustainable way of producing energy.

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Meltwater Sediment Transport as the Dominating Process in Mid-latitude
Trough Mouth Fan Formation

Benjamin Bellwald, VBPR with article in the very prestigious scientific journal Nature Communications. His spectacular images of the North Sea trough mouth fans has also gone viral in the G&G media.

Latest Projects and Products

VMAPP phase 2

New understanding and exploration opportunities in global volcanic margin petroleum systems. Project timeline 2018-21.


North Atlantic Margin Sampling

Integration of sampling results from seven surveys (2000 - 2016) along North Atlantic conjugate margins of Mid-Norway, Greenland, and Jan Mayen

East Greenland Sampling

Revised seep analysis report for all sampling locations targeting key structures and potential hydrocarbon seeps over the NE Greenland shelf.

NE Atlantic GPlates reconstruction - 58 Ma

The reconstructed structure map at NE Atlantic pre break-up time is the result of  integrated interpretation of SGM data (seismic, gravity, and magnetic).

Vøring Sampling

Seeped thermogenic hydrocarbons provide evidence for a working petroleum system along the outer Vøring Basin Margin. "Hot areas" identified within Fenris Graben.

Barents Sea Sampling 2014 Reprocessed

Calibration of database acquired in 2014 (BSS14) and development of workflow for improved identification of hydrocarbon phase and ranking of exploration targets in undrilled areas.

Project Proposals

P-Cable 2D/3D - HR20

With the astonishing high-resolution P-Cable 3D seismic on Wisting (2016) as reference, operators are preparing for more high-resolution acquisition over shallow target prospects/discoveries. Spare acquisition capacity can be utilized to expand the existing MC P-Cable coverage  in the Barents and the Norwegian Sea, preferably over prospects in APA-terrains.  Companies are invited to nominate survey areas (strict confidentiality guaranteed).

Seafloor Sampling (Gravity Coring) - Barents and Norwegian Seas

Sampling proposals in both mature and frontier areas.  Companies are invited to nominate survey areas (strict confidentiality guaranteed).


EGS16 - Gravity Coring