April 2020 | Hearing blocks for APA 2020 in VBPR core area

APA 2020 opens for sub-basalt exploration

Fenris Graben, Skoll High, Gjallar Ridge and Rån Basin soon open for exploration. Over the last 20 years, VBPR and TGS have invested in geological, geochemical and geophysical data in the outer Vøring basin and escarpment; initially with the Geophysical Atlas of the Møre and Vøring Basins (1999-2012), the North Atlantic Seafloor Sampling (2000-2016), and the Petroleum Implications of Sill Intrusions (2000-2003).

In 2013 a major effort was started, in collaboration with supporting oil companies, to unravel the Volcanic Margin Petroleum Prospectivity (VMAPP) of the outer continental margins around the North Atlantic. A breakthrough in petroleum system understanding was made with the outstanding seismic resolution of the P-Cable well tie line (2015), and with the access to the high-quality 3D cube CVX1101 (released 2015, currently being reprocessed with support from VBPR). Huge investments by TGS in new high-quality 3D coverage (AM17-18-19), and advanced reprocessing with high precision velocity models, has recently resulted in stunning  imaging improvements of the sub-basalt stratigraphy.

In addition to the new and reprocessed seismic data, applicants in APA2020 will need access to the Vøring Transform Margin Sampling (2000), Vøring Sampling (2016), the P-Cable 2D well-tie line (2015) and the deliverables from the VMAPP 1 and 2 project (2013-2021). Please contact VBPR or TGS sales representatives for quotations.

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