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Biennial Geophysical SeminarOslo2020-03-093
DIG ExOslo2020-01-292
LASI 6 - Neuqúen BasinMalargue2019-11-255S. Planke
FORCE Cretaceous ParkStavanger2019-10-162R. Corseri
INQUA 2019Dublin2019-07-257B. BellwaldGlacigenic debris flows along the NE Atlantic Margin indicate continuous high sediment supply during shelf-edge glaciations
EAGE Workshop 2London2019-06-021N. Lebedeva-IvanovaSeismic Inversion for Marine Overburden Characterization -
Meter-scale 3D seismic data for high-resolution site characterization
NCS ExplorationOslo2019-05-212S. PlankeStructure and Prospectivity of the Outer Møre and Vøring Basins and the Western Barents Sea Based on Integrated Seismic-Gravity-Magnetic Interpretation
J. MillettNew Sub-basalt Processing Technology to Reveal a Hidden Prospective Geology on the Norwegian-UK Atlantic Margin
FORCEStavanger2019-04-111N. Lebedeva-IvanovaTowards meter-scale resolution of 3D seismic data: theoretical analysis and case studies in the Barents Sea and the Vøring Basin
EGUVienna2019-04-076B. BellwaldCharacterization of Glacigenic Debris Flows, Megaslides and Contourites of the North Sea Fan from 3D Seismic DataSession: Polar continental margins and fjords – climate, oceanography, tectonics and geohazards

R. BarrettNew Constraints on the Failure Mechanism and Kinematics of the Tampen Slide (North Sea) from 3D Seismic Data
B. MantonHydrothermal vent complexes acting as preferential fluid migration pathway: a comparative study of the NE Atlantic and Indonesia
S. PlankeEmplacement processes of large-volume basaltic sequences during the formation of volcanic rifted margins
VinterkonferansenBergen2019-01-073S. PlankeIgneous seismic geomorphology of Paleogene basalts in the West Shetland, Møre, and Vøring basins
B. BellwaldBjørnelva: A Pleistocene Braided River Imaged in High-Resolution 3D Seismic Data in the SW Barents Sea
N. Lebedeva-IvanovaA New Method for Offshore Meter-Scale 3D Site Characterization
S. PolteauAn integrated conjugate margin approach for hydrocarbon exploration in the outer Vøring Basin
D. ZastrozhnovCretaceous-Paleocene tectonostratigraphic development of the Møre and Vøring basins offshore Mid-Norway
B. MantonHydrothermal vent complexes acting as preferential fluid migration pathways in the Møre and Vøring Basins
B. BellwaldCharacterization of Glacigenic Debris flows and Megaslides of the North Sea Fan from 3D Seismic Data
R. CorseriA diverted submarine channel of E. Cretaceous age revealed by integration of P-Cable seismic and CSEM in the SW Barents Sea
PETEXLondon2018-11-273J. MilletProspectivity of the outer mid-Norwegian Volcanic Rifted Margin Constrained by new 3D Seismic Data and Links to the Faroe-Shetland Basin
EAGE Fifth CO2 Geological Storage WorshopUtrecht2018-11-213B. BellwaldMonitoring of CO2 Leakage Using High-Resolution 3D Seismic Data - Examples from Snøhvit, Vestnesa Ridge and the Western Barents Sea
IAPG - 10th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development CongressMendoza2018-11-055S. PlankeSeismic imaging and petroleum implications of igneous intrusions in sedimentary basins constrained by outcrop analogues and seismic data from the Neuquen Basin and the NE Atlantic.
FORCE - Underexplored PlaysStavanger2018-10-312R. CorseriCassini and Mjølnir (proposal)
EAGE - Near SurfacePorto2018-09-095S. PolteauHigh-Resolution 3D Site Characterization
Brazilian Petroleum ConferenceRio2018-06-195D. JarramEvaluating petrophysical properties of volcano-sedimentary sequences: A case study in the Parana-Etendeka large igneous province
S. Planke
Seismic imaging and interpretation of hydrocarbon bearing volcanic basins
S. PlankePetroleum implications of magmatism in evaporite and carbonate basins
EAGECopenhagen2018-05-114B. MantonPre-Cretaceous prospectivity of the outer Møre and Vøring basins constrained by new 3D seismic data (poster)
B. BellwaldDetailed structure of buried glacial landforms revealed by high-resolution 3D seismic data in the SW Barents Sea (talk)
Recent DicoveriesOslo2018-05-232S. PlankeINA17
AAPGLisbon2018-05-022J. MilletPaleogene Møre
EGUVienna2018-04-086D. ZastrozhnovPoster
S. PlankePoster on Siberia

Meetings - Conferences

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