Recent Publications

Controls on giant methane blow-out craters and mounds on the Arctic seafloorManuscriptWaage, M.
Geological Controls on Fluid Flow and Gas Hydrate Pingo Development on the Barents Sea Margin2019.01.16Geochemistry, Geophysics, GeosystemsWaage, M.
Holocene Mass Movements in West and Mid-Norwegian Fjords and Lakes2019.01.01Marine Geology Bellwald, B.
NE Atlantic continental slope stability from a numerical modeling perspective2019.01.01Quaternary Science ReviewsBellwald, B.
Monitoring of CO2 leakage using high-resolution 3D seismic data – Examples from Snøhvit, Vestnesa Ridge and the Western Barents Sea. 5th CO2 Geological Storage Workshop2018.11.21EAGE Extended Abstracts 2018Bellwald, B.
Toward one-meter resolution in 3D seismic. 2018.11.01The Leading EdgeLebedeva-Ivanova, N.
High-resolution 3D seismic exhibits new insights into the middle-late Pleistocene stratigraphic evolution and sedimentary processes of the Bear Island trough mouth fan2018.11.01Marine GeologyWaage, M.
Repeatability of high-resolution 3D seismic data2018.10.31SEG GeophysicsWaage, M.
Sills and gas generation in the Siberian Traps2018.09.03The Royal SocietySvensen, H.H.
A diverted submarine channel of Early Cretaceous age revealed by high-resolution seismic data, SW Barents Sea2018.09.01Marine and Petroleum GeologyCorseri, R.
Breakup volcanism and plate tectonics in the NW Atlantic2018.08.31TectonophysicsAbdelmalak, M.
High-resolution 3D seismic study of pockmarks and shallow fluid flow systems at the Snøhvit hydrocarbon field in the SW Barents Sea2018.06.21Marine GeologyTasianas, A.
Chapter 5 - Storage and Transport of Magma in the Layered Crust—Formation of Sills and Related Flat-Lying Intrusions2018.05.18Volcanic and Igneous Plumbing SystemsGalland, O.
The pre-breakup stratigraphy and petroleum system of the Southern Jan Mayen Ridge revealed by seafloor sampling2018.04.30TectonophysicsPolteau, S.
Investigations on the use of triaromatic dimethylcholesteroids as age-specific biomarkers in bitumens and oils from Arctic Norway2018.04.25Organic GeochemistryLerch, B.
Sub-surface geology and velocity structure of the Krafla high temperature geothermal field, Iceland: Integrated ditch cuttings, wireline and zero offset vertical seismic profile analysis2018.03.30Journal of Volc. and Geoth. ResearchMillet, J.M.
Shear margin moraine, mass transport deposits and soft beds revealed by high-resolution P-Cable three-dimensional seismic data in the Hoop area, Barents Sea2018.03.28Geological Society of LondonBellwald, B.
Ice-stream dynamics of the SW Barents Sea revealed by high-resolution 3D seismic imaging of glacial deposits in the Hoop area2018.03.07Marine GeologyBellwald, B.
Seismic imaging in the Krafla high-temperature geothermal field, NE Iceland, using zero- and far-offset vertical seismic profiling (VSP) data2018.02.21Journal of Volc. and Geoth. ResearchKästner, F.
Glacigenic sedimentation pulses triggered post-glacial gas hydrate dissociation2018.02.12Nature Comm.Karstens, J.
Cretaceous‐Paleocene Evolution and Crustal Structure of the Northern Vøring Margin (Offshore Mid‐Norway): Results from Integrated Geological and Geophysical Study2018.01.15TectonicsZastrozhnov, D.

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