June 2020 | Norway opens offshore areas for wind power

12th June 2020 the areas "Utsira Nord" and "Sørlige Nordsjø II" were opened for offshore renewable energy production. This means it will now be possible to submit license applications for offshore wind power projects. Sørlige Nordsjø I and II (SNI and SNII) were found particularly suitable for wind farm development by the Havvind project. These areas cover approximately 1400 and 2500 km2, respectively. The entire study area is more than 50,000 km2.

The "Sørlige Nordsjø II" area was previously studied by VBPR as part of a research project on the assessment of how human settlement and remains could be influenced by the development of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.  The main activities of this sub-project were to gather and interpret existing data in the study area, to identify important data gaps, and to develop a paleogeographic model. The project is based on the approach by Gaffney et al. (2007). Some of the results have also been published by Hammer et al in 2016.

The report is available for licensing. Please contact vbpr@vbpr.no


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