January 2019 | P-Cable high-res 3D contribute to increase in Wisting reserves

OMV report reserves increase from 350 to 440 million barrels on Wisting

The Wisting team has successfully combined data from six exploration and appraisal wells with 3D seismic data (both P-Cable high-res data and conventional broadband) and Controlled Source Electro Magnetic (CSEM) data in the technical studies for subsurface optimization.
P-cable has enabled very detailed interpretation of reservoir heterogeneity and compartmentalization and as a result also more accurate volume prediction (see also "Wisting is Growing" - expronews)


December 2018 | North Atlantic Margin Sampling report (NAMS18) soon available

Greenland and Europe are back together .... Let's find more oil!

Synthesis report presenting our conjugate margin approach for exploring the outer mid-Norway and SW Barents Sea margins by integrating seafloor sampling results, geology, and plate reconstructions models to understand the hydrocarbon prospectivity of these frontier areas.

Report will be available Q1-2019

November 2018 | Toward one-meter resolution in 3D seismic

Toward one-meter resolution in 3D seismic   New paper by Nina Lebedeva-Ivanova et al,

An evolution to one-meter-scale resolution of 3D seismic will rely on combining a reproducible seismic source with high frequencies up to at least 600 Hz, a high uniform trace density of more than 4 million traces per square kilometer, and an offset range shorter than approximately 200 m. The resulting 3D seismic data volume will reach meter-scale resolution for water and target depths of less than 600 m.

October 2018 | VBPR field trip to Isles of Skye and Mull

VMAPP Fieldtrip to Isles of Skye and Mull Oct 2018  by VBPR, DougalEARTH and TGS.

The Hebrides of Scotland comprise some of the best locations globally for exploring the links between magmatism and petroleum basins, be it from source rock maturation surrounding sills, sill emplacement and migration, overburden deformation and hydrothermal vents, volcanic reservoir analogues, seismic scale volcanic sequences to sealing potential etc.

September 2018 | Physical Geology of Shallow Magmatic systems

New book out with major VBPR contributions
C. Breitkreuz, S. Rocchi, Sergio

This book offers a high-level summary of shallow magmatic systems (dykes, sills and laccoliths) to support geoscience master and PhD students, scientists and practicing professionals. The product of the LASI (Laccoliths and Sills conference) workshop, it comprises thematic sections written by one or more experts on the respective field. It features reviews concerning the physical properties of magma, geotectonic settings, and the structure of subvolcanic systems, as well as case studies on the best-known systems.