Vøring Transform Margin Sampling

Edited by Sverre Planke, Ellen Eckhoff, and Reidun Myklebust.

VBPR and TGS-NOPEC completed a successful seafloor sampling project on the Vøring Transform Margin in 2000. The first in situ samples of pre-breakup-age sedimentary rocks from this basin province were recovered and the samples were extensively studied and analyzed. The samples have been tied to reprocessed seismic data and provide important information about the paleoenvironment, basin development and petroleum systems of the outer Vøring and Møre basins.

Reference to recent paper by S. Polteau:
Upper Cretaceous-Paleogene stratigraphy and development of the Mìmir High, Vøring Transform Margin, Norwegian Sea


  • Tertiary and Mesozoic sedimentary rocks recovered in 11 cores and 2 dredges
  • Heat flow measured at 14 stations

Analysis Program

  • Sedimentology
  • Biostratigraphy
  • Inorganic geochemistry and petrology
  • Organic geochemistry.
  • Seismic processing

Results from report integrated in the "North Atlantic Margin Sampling 2018" - NAMS18


Executive Summary



Explanatory Notes


Discussion and Conclusions