September 2020 | Proposed Vøring drilling campaign accepted by IODP

Planned drill holes along the Norwegian rifted margin in the fall 2021

  • Do the volcanics of the Vøring and Møre margin witness melting of the same mantle components as in SE Greenland?
  • Does the along strike volcanism witness elevated temperatures consistent with a plume?
  • Do the volcanic facies reveal evidence for dynamic topography consistent with plume-ponding models?
  • Do hydrothermal vents in the basin link precisely with the onset of the PETM?

These first order questions will be addressed by the proposed drilling and will allow us to unravel the distinct end member models for the formation of excess volcanism during breakup (source composition, temperature anomaly related to a mantle plume, small scale convection), as well as the link between volcanism and global climate in the Paleogene. See also article in

IODP proposal submitted by:
Ritske Huismans, Christian Berndt, Sverre Planke, Morgan Jones, Christian Tegner, Jan Inge Faleide, Laurent Gernigon, Joost Frieling, Trond Torsvik, Damon Teagle, David Jolley, Asbjørn Breivik, Henrik Svensen, Dougal Jerram, Reidun Myklebust, Mansour Abdelmalak, Lars Eivind Augland, Susanne Buiter, John Millett

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